Join Djarum Foundation Delegation
for Harvard World Model United Nations 2024!

1 August - 16 September | Taiwan, Taipei

Djarum Foundation has supported and facilitated Beswan Djarum to reap achievements on behalf of Indonesia through participation in various international competitions. We are proud to take part in upholding our country’s dignity through International Exposure (IE), the program which has been carried out since 2013.

Under the International Exposure (IE) program, Djarum Foundation has committed to nurturing global competitiveness through the quality of education. In this chance, we would like to invite Beswan Djarum 2022/2023 to join the selection of Djarum Foundation Delegation for Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) Conference 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Invitation to Participate Djarum Foundation Delegation for Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) Conference 2024

Djarum Foundation’s International Exposure (IE) program is a testament to Djarum Foundation’s strong commitment to education and is an effort to further nurture Beswan Djarum’s capacity as a vital element for the nation’s development. The IE program provides qualified Beswan Djarum recipients with a priceless opportunity to represent Indonesia and Djarum Foundation in a prestigious international competition, where they can compete with the best from all parts of the world. Following a longstanding tradition of excellence in past competitions, including those held in Boston (2013), London (2014), Seoul (2015), Maastricht (2016), Rome (2017), Sydney (2018), Singapore (2019), and Paris (2023), we proudly invite you to join the Djarum Foundation Delegation for the Harvard WorldMUN 2024, which will be hosted in Taipei.

As countries around the world were hosting Olympic Games for athletes to compete, WorldMUN is known as the ‘Olympics of Model UN’. It is one of the most competitive, prestigious Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, a melting pot where delegates from hundreds of nationalities come together and sit in engaging debates to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Touring around the world since 1992, in 2024 the conference will take place in the metropolitan heart of Asia—Taipei. If you have a curious mind with a strong desire to learn, a winning mentality, and an aspiration to build a network, this impeccable experience will elevate you to the next level.

Once accepted, you will experience an intensive training program, specifically designed to help you master all things MUN, starting from the basic theories, all the way to putting them into practice. Welcoming both beginners and seasoned alike, the training program will be a valuable development process that you cannot find anywhere else. In the end, you will conclude the program a mature, more skillful, more competent professional ready for the world, and up for bringing glory to Indonesia and Djarum Foundation. Selected delegates who satisfyingly complete the training program will participate in WorldMUN 2024 with all relevant expenses covered by Djarum Foundation.

Why You Should Join the Program

After graduating from college, you will face various challenges such as a volatile, complex, and unpredictable environment. You have to master diverse soft skills to be able to quickly adapt, collaborate, and overcome any obstacles. MUN will advance your competence in leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and diplomacy. It will also grow your competitive spirit, help you work better in a team, and build a larger network.


If you believe you are the right person to be one of the delegates, the requirements are as follows:

  • You are a Beswan Djarum 2022/2023 recipient, having participated in all Djarum Foundation programs throughout the year.
  • In good health, both physically and mentally.
  • Submit your latest curriculum vitae.
  • As the entire program and the competition will be in English, you are required to be proficient in the language. Submit a TOEFL-ITP score result of a minimum of 550 (or equivalent) or an IELTS score of a minimum of 6.5 (or equivalent). An official test score, a predictive score, or an equivalent English examination conducted and authorized by your university, or a reputable language education institution is acceptable.
  • Submit an essay in English of 1.5-2 A4 pages long, typed single-spaced with Arial, 12pt font, addressing all the following questions:
    • What do you know about Model United Nations?
    • What motivates you to take part in WorldMUN 2024?
    • What one global issue do you find most pressing today, and why?
    • Why should Djarum Foundation choose you to be a delegate?
    • What, and how will you contribute to the Djarum Foundation delegation if chosen?
    • How do you see yourself in a delegation (team) setting?
  • Post a 1-minute video on your personal (not private) Instagram account feed (not on Instastory), of you, delivering a speech in English, addressing the following situation: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is the primary avenue of diplomacy for Indonesia in the Southeast Asian region. Imagine you are Indonesia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaking at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. Deliver a speech emphasizing how important ASEAN is as an institution in keeping peace and security in Southeast Asia and how important ASEAN is for Indonesia in fulfilling the country’s responsibility to participate in efforts of maintaining global peace. In the caption box, please write your name and university, and express your eagerness to join the conference, while mentioning @djarumbeasiswaplus. Add hashtags #IminforIE #BeswanDjarum.
  • You are required to have a valid passport of which the expiry date is at least six months from your travel period. Therefore, please submit a scanned copy of your biodata page on your passport, showing that the passport’s expiry is at the earliest in October 2024 (a later expiry date is better).

Submit documents 3, 4, 5, and 7 through the registration portal by clicking the registration button under this announcement.

Registration will begin on August 1, 2023, and will be closed on September 16, 2023. Selected delegates will be announced on September 22, 2023, while the training program will run from October 2023-March 2024. Should you have any questions feel free to ask by sending an email to Further information about the conference is available on

We look forward to having you on board for this awarding experience.

Yours truly,

Primadi H. Serad
Program Director